Meet interesting peoples

And let the chat, the good discussions and the feeling unlock the rest.

It will take you two minutes 😋

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If it's match 20 msgs 10 lols 50 msgs Photograph 50 lols 200 smgs

Bored of Troooooools

Bullshit, and chatters who often ask you for the same things (Phone number, facebook, skype...) without deserving them.

Your locks,
Your rules

What if you lock these Social-items that are often asked of you and you subject them to conditions?

Exemple :

Select the item you want to lock example: your phone number
Set the conditions to unlock it among the keys and intuitive combinations proposed by Steper example: 50 messages sent
If there is a good or fun conversation and you send a minimum of 50 messages to a user it will unlock your number

Meet, chat, have fun

And just let people who really interest you, who make you laugh, or who help you unlock things that will bring you closer together


Number of messages you need to send to a user before they unlock it


Number of times a chatter should make you laugh with lols, hahas, etc..

For my matchs

Only the people you match with who will be able to see the lock

For my favorites

Only people in your favorites list who will be able to see the lock

Shared interests

Number of common interests that a user must have with you to unlock

% of Matching

The matching percentage is based on your interests, preferences and orientation and geolocation

Specific job

If, for example, you specify "Doctor" only the "Doctors" will be able to unlock it

Specific skill

For example, if you specify "Guitarist" only the "Guitarists" will be able to unlock it


Can't be seen only if you allow it and give it to a user

It's time to change your dating site

Steper is a serious and new kind of dating site for single men, women and even teenagers to find love, friends and or just chat with people who can help you

Steper wants to make chat and online meeting a course that is based on the quality of the chat and discussion shared by its users and allows them to unlock elements that will bring them closer together "step by step"

Steper is getting better every day and we want to create the best dating site on the web and make it free for everyone.

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